5 Tips to Make Your Smoothies Impossible to Resist

by The Smoothie Guy

So yesterday, I got home from basketball practice (I like to play basketball a lot!) and made myself a post-workout smoothie to get all the essential nutrients back into my body.

It was so good! Delicious!

I was checking my inbox while drinking it and suddenly one message caught my eye. It was from my follower Jessica who was asking why her smoothies taste so bland that she could rarely finish them. It's not an uncommon question and I can admit that a lot of newbies make some mistakes while blending their smoothies so they turn out unappealing or downright tasteless.

If you're like Jessica don't worry, there's an easy fix! Here are some tips I want to share with you that will make your smoothies taste great every time.

Add flavor boosters to your smoothies

Give your smoothies a flavor boost by adding extra ingredients like cinnamon, cacao powder, vanilla extract, almond butter, protein powder etc. For example, add cacao (raw chocolate) powder. While cacao itself is bitter, it gives your smoothie a chocolate flavor when blended with sweet fruits. Another great booster to use is cinnamon. Or try adding some oats to your smoothie along with cinnamon and your smoothie will taste like a cinnamon roll (healthy alternative compared to original!). Vanilla bean (or extract) is also a great way to modify the flavor and mask any subtle bitterness from the leafy greens. Flavored protein powders is also an option. Not only will you get an extra dose of protein, but you can find them in chocolate, vanilla, or berry flavors. I recommend using hemp or rice protein powder.

Use organic ingredients if available

There isn't much to discuss here, organic fruits and vegetables have more flavor and will make your smoothies taste amazing.

Make your smoothies cold

Adding ice to your smoothies or using frozen fruit will give the smoothies the same texture as a cold milkshake. On top of that cold smoothies takes longer to drink and will fill you up more so you won't feel hungry for hours!

From bitter to sweet

If you use kale/dandelion greens and your smoothie turns out bitter – consider adding sweeter fruits to it. The best fruits that would mask the bitter flavor are ripe bananas and pineapples. Pineapple helps boost the fruit flavor of the smoothie while bananas help mellow out the bitter flavors. Use both pineapple and banana together with dandelion greens for a super nutritious green smoothie that you will actually want to drink. Berries are also a good way to mask bitter greens.

Keep a 2/1 ratio

Consider adding 2 fruits to your smoothies and 1 portion of greens. To make a delicious smoothie I recommend you add 1 creamy fruit (mango, banana, apple, peach, avocado, papaya) and 1 fruit that gives strong flavor (pineapple, grapes, orange, kiwi etc.). As for greens, if you are a newbie, add a handful of baby spinach at first. Baby spinach has the mildest taste of all greens and it's flavor is easily maskable with any combination of fruit. If you think that 2 portions of fruit isn't good for you because of high sugar content in them – you're wrong! Sugar in fruit comes with essential fibers and vitamins that won't make you fat, it's actually quite the opposite – it'll make you lose weight. So don't be afraid to add more fruit to your smoothies because they'll not only make your smoothies taste better, they'll also help you with weight loss.

Enjoy dessert-like smoothies and shed extra pounds effortlessly!

Check out The Smoothie Diet program for 36+ dessert-like smoothie recipes and a healthy meal plan. I followed it myself in the beginning of my weight loss journey (I lost 60 lbs. in total with smoothies) and I can admit, Health Coach Drew (creator of the system) did a great job putting the correct ingredients in place. I remember every smoothie I made tasted like dessert! It also taught me how to make my own combinations that still taste amazing.

Let me ask you a quick question:

What could be better than drinking delicious smoothies while feeling full and energized and still losing weight? It's the safest, healthiest way to lose weight that requires barely much effort at all. That's why green smoothies are so popular and more and more people eager to try them and enjoy all the health benefits they offer. Even celebrities that go on the strictest diets rely on green smoothies as their secret weight loss weapon!

So if you have some extra weight to get rid of or just want to feel better overall, then start The Smoothie Diet program today and you'll thank yourself 3-weeks from now!

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I hope these quick tips were useful and will help you enjoy your smoothies more than ever!