Seven Tips For The Best Weight-Loss Smoothie

by The Smoothie Guy

A green smoothie is perfect when you want to burn fat. It has a lot of fiber and nutrients, while being low in fat. To make a weight-loss smoothie does call for some skill. So, in this article I will share seven tips for making the best weight-loss smoothie.

  1. Begin with water or plant-based milk

I recommend that you use water or plant-based milks such as coconut milk, almond milk, hemp or cashew milk. These do not have a lot of fat and are low in calories. I like almond milk because it makes it more filling and adds a creamy texture to your smoothie (check out my homemade almond milk recipe). Though, I do not suggest that you use yogurt or milk in your green smoothie. These dairy products just add calories and fat that you do not need. Plus, these foods can possibly affect your health negatively and can sabotage your goal to lose weight.

  1. Enjoy your smoothie as a meal

I replace ONLY one of my meals with a smoothie (it's not recommended to replace all my meals, see tip #7). This way I easily consume fewer calories every day. When you drink a smoothie every day, you also ensure that you eat more fruit and veggies. This is a great way to lose weight and increase how much fiber and water you take in.

If you are a woman, your green smoothie that you enjoy as a meal should have a minimum of 300 calories. If you are a man, the minimum is 400 calories.

The best meal to replace with a smoothie is breakfast. When I enjoyed a green smoothie first thing when I woke up, I was less likely to crave for something unhealthy for lunch.

  1. Include some healthy fat

I add about a quarter of an avo, a bit of fresh coconut or three teaspoons of flaxseed/chia seeds. You can try nut milk as well. These ingredients add some fat that is good for your heart.

Just because it is a fat does not mean that it will make you fat. Plant-based fats can have benefits in store for your health as well as assist you to shed some pounds.

Though, ensure that the fat content is still low. Too much fruit and fat in your smoothie can cause you to feel bloated and gassy. Plus, fat also adds many calories. It is better to get your calories from wholefoods, but when you consume too many calories (regardless of where it comes from), it will undermine your attempt to lose weight.

  1. Add fruit to make it sweeter

I like to add fruit like banana, grapes and mango to my weight-loss green smoothie. Rest assured, fruit like these will make your smoothie taste sweeter, but will not make you fat. These fruit boast natural sugars that do not cause you to gain weight.

Do not add maple syrup, honey or agave. Sugar that is concentrated, processed or refined will negatively impact your chances to shed those extra pounds.

When you really have to add some sweetener, I suggest dates. Though, try to wean off these as quickly as you can since this dried food is a source of concentrated sugar.

  1. Add some protein powder of a good quality

You can also add plant-based protein powder that is of a high quality to your smoothie. By adding protein powder, you increase the amount of protein which makes you feel like you have had enough to eat. Personally, I like to add NutriBiotic vegan rice protein powder.

Other things that I add to boost my green smoothie's protein content naturally are dandelion greens, kale, goji berries and chia seeds.

  1. Use wholefoods that are fresh

I suggest that you stick with fresh veggies, fruit and dark leafy greens. These have a lot of fiber, water and micronutrients which will improve your metabolism.

I do not recommend using canned fruit since it does not have as much nutrients compared to fresh fruit and syrup is frequently used to preserve it. When you want to be economical, I suggest that you either get frozen fruit or purchase fresh fruit in large quantities which you can freeze and use at a later stage.

  1. If you want to lose weight, do not depend just on green smoothies

Although drinking green smoothies can definitely assist you to shed a few pounds, a long-lasting change in your lifestyle as well as diet will lead to a long-term success. While green smoothies played a major in my 60 lbs. weight loss journey, I couldn't do that without cleaning up other areas of my diet.

I have found that green smoothies work best when they are a part of balanced, whole foods diet. If you need a little more help with this, I recommend you to check out “The Smoothie Diet” program by Health Coach Drew that includes delicious green weight loss smoothie recipes and a simple, healthy meals plan.

I tried it when I was just a beginner and it greatly helped me to lose weight. By adapting the things you've learned from this blog post today, I believe you can achieve even more impressive results than me 🙂 Give it a shot and it will change your life forever! My word! Click here to learn more.