What Does A Typical Day Following My Plant-based Diet Look Like?

by The Smoothie Guy

I would love to tell you a bit more about what and how I eat. So many people ask me if I only drink green smoothies, though this is not the case.

I love drinking a green smoothie (in fact I drink two each day), but I love eating as well.

To be honest, I do not suggest that you drink only green smoothies, so you can relax.

When you enjoy a green smoothie in conjunction with a healthy, wholefoods diet, it can offer better, long-term weight-loss results as well as other health benefits (read more about that in this blog post). For this reason I enjoy plant-based wholefoods for the meals that I do not replace with a smoothie.

I also often get asked what do I eat when I do not drink my green smoothies.

So, allow me to explain my diet.

A Wholefoods Diet That Is Plant-based and Low In Fat

I truly love consuming wholefoods and in fact prefer food that is as close to its natural form as possible (in other words food that is not processed or at least minimally processed). These types of foods do not have ingredients on their labels that are difficult to pronounce or controversial.

Also, I try to say no to pre-cooked food that is packaged in a can or jar as well as frozen food. The simply reason for this choice is that they have preservatives or additives and have lost most of its nutritional value.

The popular phrases “clean eating” or “real food” basically describe exactly how I try to eat and I motivate other people to give it a go too.

It is better to replace unhealthy food that has been processed like pasta, donuts, canned food and pizza with other items that are cleaner and more natural. Some of the best plant-based wholefoods are fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, low-fat protein, brown rice and quinoa.

Omnivore Or Vegan? Low-carb Or Low-fat?

I do not necessarily refer to going vegan when I write about plant-based diets. It is just my opinion, that it is key, that plants form the foundation of your diet. Why? I think it is better for your health when you eat less meat and rely more on plants to be your source of protein. Though, it is not important that you become a vegan. I was a vegan for a few years, but I still enjoyed a little bit of meat and a few eggs. I ate wild-caught fish at times and eggs from pasture-raised chickens. To this day I still do not eat red meat or dairy.

My preference is a low-fat diet. My fat intake does not make up more than 20% of my total calorie intake and it works great for me. I enjoy many healthy, wholefood carbs like fresh fruit, beans, oats, quinoa and brown rice which do not cause you to become fat.

I do not avoid healthy carbs that come from wholefoods. Carbs like pasta, biscuits, bread and sweetened drinks have been linked with diabetes and obesity, but fruit, veggies, some whole grains and high-fiber carbs in legumes and beans can actually reduce the risk of diabetes and obsesity.

This Is An Example Of My Daily Diet:

Step 1: I Begin My Day With Tonic Water

morning tonic water with mint, cayenne and ginger

I always begin my day with lemon water. I simply love how it rehydrates me and boosts my digestion. What's more, it is a source of vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium.

At times I also like to add ginger that helps to boost my digestion. When it is a cold morning, I love to add cayenne that helps me to feel warmer and on top of that helps with my sinus issues.

It is very easy to prepare. Just add warm water (it should not be boiling) to a cup and then add a little bit of cayenne pepper flakes, fresh ginger that has been grated (approximately a quarter teaspoon) or fresh crushed mint.

Are you not convinced? Well, if you don't want to try this, you can skip this step.

Breakfast Is A Green Smoothie

Each day I begin my day with a green smoothie. I have been doing this for more than five years and it has really transformed my life.

It is key that you drink a big green smoothie that will replace your meal. It needs to have a minimum of 300 calories (if you are a man, you can have more than 400 calories). Also be sure to add about 10 grams of protein and a bit of healthy fat (you can add avo, raw nuts, flaxseed or chia seeds).

Lunch and Supper

black bean tostadas

I love the following four plant-based, wholefood meals: a salad with veggies, tacos and sour cashew cream, peppers filled with quinoa, and a wrap with hummus collard.

Remember to Snack

I have found that if you do it right, snacking can assist with weight loss and help to support healthy eating. On top of that, it prevented cravings, assisted me to adhere to my diet and made sure that I remained satisfied till it was time for my next meal. Here you can find 2 of my favorite healthy snack recipes.

It is as easy as that! I hope my typical day gives you a good idea of what a successful diet is. After all, this is how I lost 60 pounds.

I hope you found this blog post useful.

If you did, feel free to share it with those you care about 🙂

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