When Is The Best Time To Enjoy Your Green Smoothie?

by The Smoothie Guy

People frequently ask me when is the best time to drink your green smoothie. Well, whenever you feel like it, is the straightforward answer. Though, when you drink your smoothie earlier in the day, you will enjoy a few unique benefits.

I used to enjoy one for lunch as well as dinner, but now I do not drink it for dinner any longer (read on and you'll find out why).

Drinking A Green Smoothie With A Meal vs. Replacing A Meal With A Green Smoothie

Personally, I like to replace a meal with a green smoothie. I enjoy a big green smoothie that's about 30 ounces, with a minimum of 10 grams of protein and 350 calories. I like to add protein powder too so that I get twice the amount of protein. If you are extremely active, ensure that your smoothie offers you at least 400 calories.

I found that my green smoothies offer just enough so that I do not become hungry before it's time to enjoy my next meal. If you drink a small smoothie that only offers about 20 ounces, one handful of leafy greens and a few fruit pieces, you will not get enough calories. Although this is a wholesome snack, before you know it you will be hungry again.

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Why It Is Great To Enjoy A Green Smoothie Meal For Breakfast

There are countless reasons why it is best to drink your green smoothie for breakfast (particularly when you're only planning on drinking one every day).

First of all, you kick off your brand new day in a healthy way. When you make a big meal-replacement green smoothie, chances are good that you will be satisfied till the next meal. Plus, thanks to the sweet fresh fruit, those sugary snacks will not be as tempting.

Secondly, it offers many vitamins and minerals in its natural form as well as antioxidants. Literally, there is no any other breakfast option that can compete with a green smoothie! Plus, you will no longer need a cup of coffee to wake up. As my green smoothies energize me, I no longer feel the need to drink coffee.

Lastly, when you enjoy a green smoothie in the morning, your recommended daily servings of five fruits and vegetables are already completed. I find that it is really the best way to kick off a new day.

Hello Green Smoothie, Goodbye Fast Food For Lunch

fast food avoid

If you don't drink your smoothie for breakfast, the next best thing is to enjoy it for lunch.

Experience has taught me that lunch breaks can be short and at that time of the day I am usually racing against the clock to get something done. That means you will need a lunch that you can prepare easily in almost no time at all. This type of convenience typically leads to frozen or packaged food that you just pop into the microwave oven. That is if you've packed something for lunch, otherwise you'll probably just become a local at the closest fast food franchise.

Now what makes green smoothies so great is that they are effortless to prepare while you are at work. I suggest you blend it at home, put it in an airtight container and just pop it into the fridge when you get to work. How about just suggesting that the workplace gets its own blender?

To ensure that you are satisfied for the duration of the afternoon, I recommend that you add foods that have loads of fiber as well as protein. We have all experienced that awful drop in energy late afternoon. Well, when you enjoy your green smoothie for lunch you will feel naturally energized.

Why You Should Avoid Enjoying A Green Smoothie For Dinner

There is nothing preventing you from drinking a green smoothie for dinner. A healthy smoothie that has a lot of fresh fruit and veggies can never be bad. When you have the strength of will, go ahead.

Though, I have experienced that I do not have the strength of will to drink a green smoothie for dinner when other people around me are eating something else. Therefore, I no longer drink a green smoothie for dinner or replace it with one.

I love to eat out for dinner or sit with my family around the dinner table. I will confess that when you are extremely inflexible about the things that you eat you can start to feel lonely. So, I love to bond with my family by preparing dinner together.

I have also found that after having normal meals during the day and drinking a green smoothie for dinner gets me bloated. A green smoothie gets digested quicker than heavier, fattier meals. So, your body might still be digesting the meals you had during the day and now when you drink a smoothie for dinner, it could delay the digestion of your smoothie which results in gas.

Plus, I have managed to lose an extra ten pounds by enjoying a green smoothie for breakfast instead of dinner (as mentioned earlier, I lost 60 pounds in total). What I used to eat for breakfast was not as healthy as what I had for dinner. I no longer have muffins, cereals or bagels for breakfast as I drink a green smoothie and when dinner time comes I enjoy plant-based wholefoods. This approach has helped me to make my diet even more efficient.

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