3 Simple Steps To A Flat Bikini Belly

by The Smoothie Guy

flat belly in 3 weeksSummer is just around the corner so we all want to look fit in our bikinis and look as good as we possibly can. But… there's one problem, we still have some extra pounds to get rid of.

Time goes so fast that it seems like it's an impossible goal to achieve… I get it, it's frustrating, but I'm here to help you out.

Here's my three tips on how to get a flat bikini belly in as little as 3 weeks.

1. Do a detox

I say it a lot and you should note that detoxing is an important part of weight loss.

You see, while you detox you're not only losing water weight but also eliminating various toxins that lie in your fat cells thus slowing down your metabolism rate and not letting you lose weight.

How a simple 3-day detox would work:

Start by drinking more water. Researchers suggest that an average person should drink around 90 oz (2.6 litres) of water every single day.

Eliminate foods from your diet that give zero-low nutritional value. You should avoid consuming white bread, white rice, refined sugars, processed foods etc. Add more whole foods to your diet instead and I can guarantee you'll feel much better after 3 days.

2. Add green smoothies to your diet

They are full of health benefits, are easy to digest, and promote weight loss. I personally replace my breakfast with a green smoothie almost every single day. However, since we want to get quick results here I recommend that you replace two of your meals with smoothies – breakfast and dinner. You'll consume less calories that way while still getting essential nutrients that will help you lose weight faster.

3. Exercise

I know for a lot of people it's hard to force themselves to exercise but trust me it's worth it. Jogging, running or even walking for 30 minutes per day could help you achieve your goal two times faster. And you don't even need to go to the gym!

If you still feel like you're lost and don't know exactly where to start, I have a solution for you. Start the Smoothie Diet program. It's a 3-week detox plan that involves everything that I've pointed out above and it'll guide you through the whole process. All you'll have to do is download it, open it and follow it. Simple as that. In the beginning I followed it myself and I can admit that it was one of the major factors that helped me achieve my weight loss goals (60 lbs. lost in total in a matter of few months). I really love when you open it up and see what smoothies you get to have each day and what snacks and other meals to eat. There were even ready-to-go shopping lists that made my life easier. So, if you feel lost in this whole weight loss game, I highly recommend that you start the Smoothie Diet today and finally begin to lose weight and get healthier!

the smoothie diet

I hope these quick tips were useful and will help you to get on track and achieve the bikini body you've always desired.