INSIGHT: My Tips On Choosing The Right Blender

by The Smoothie Guy

Every blender that is currently available can mix fruits, blend veggies and make green smoothies. Though, one blender might not deliver as good results as the other.

Things like quality, versatility and robustness will differ from one blender to the other. Also, some blenders will be easier to clean.

Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are regarded as top-of-the-line. When you have one of their models, you will be able to make smoothies that are just as good as those served in restaurants (as a matter of fact Starbucks and Jamba Juice rely on them).

Before I purchased a smoothie blender for the very first time, I extensively researched what features are crucial that every blender must have to be able to create delicious smoothies. I'll confess, when I bought my first blender I did not even entertain the thought of paying a couple of hundred dollars. However, that is no longer the case.

My first blender did not cost more than $200 and I thought that it is what others paid as well. Though, recently I researched all the recommended features again and as a result, I have created a new list with the key features to look for in a smoothie blender.

Features That I Recommend

High-speed Motor

With a fast motor, you can use frozen fruit and you do not have to slave away in the kitchen first cutting up all your ingredients. Plus, the taste and texture would be better as it has the ability to pulverize seeds. What's more, you can even crush ice!

I would suggest it should have at least 500 watts, but if you can opt for a stronger motor – go for it. The reason being that a cheaper motor will not be strong enough for heavy use every single day. When you have a more powerful motor, you can use your blender many times throughout the day without fearing that it will burn out too soon.

Metal Base

I suggest opting for a metal base as it will mean your blender is more stable. Plus, the ones made from plastic typically have poor-quality motors that can't whizz as quickly.

Speed Settings

Here I would recommend that it has at least three different speeds to be able to get that right texture. What is more, if it does not have a pulse setting, it is not the end of the world.

Material And Size Of The Pitcher

I suggest that your pitcher should be at least 40 ounces in size. Though, bigger means more convenience! Also, if you can, try to get one that is made from plastic simply because glass breaks easily (which is not as good when it comes to high-speed rotation). Plus, plastic is lighter!

Easy To Clean

I would urge you to avoid any blender that first must be disassembled before you can clean it. Why? Well, if you have to spend a lot of time cleaning your blender the chances are that you will not want to make a smoothie every day. Look for one that you can clean by simply adding hot water and detergent to the container.

Long Warranty

This is a no-brainer – longer warranties are better. It does not matter if you only plan on using it once per day, the last thing that you want to think about is possibly burning out your blender's motor. When you know you have a long-term warranty, you will find that you actually want to use your blender more. Some blenders offer warranties of up to eight years (though expect to pay more for those)!

To be honest, whether you go for a cheap blender or one that's more expensive, it will manage to do the job. Plus, if you are only starting to blend your smoothies now, you will most likely not even be able to tell if there's a big difference. So, get one that you can afford and boasts most of the specs that I have suggested. Click here to find the best blender for every budget.